7 Inspirational Places to Find Creative & Competitive Business Ideas

A brilliant business idea is the most expensive capital compared to financial capital that can still be obtained from investors or other parties outside ourselves. You can’t get a good, unique, and competitive business idea without thinking creatively. To get a creative business idea, you can visit a place or event that can trigger creativity to find new ideas. Below we will give you several alternative places that you can visit to get unique and competitive business ideas.


Problems that you experience at home may also be experienced by others. Look around your house or apartment carefully. Look at the items and how your living conditions are. Business ideas at home can come from difficulties that are often experienced in carrying out daily activities or your preferences and hobbies. For example a housewife who likes to do gardening in the yard can have a business idea to sell flower pots in various forms or sell flowers.

The Environment Around The House

How often do you observe business activities in your neighborhood? How many stores are near your home and what products do they sell? Try to pay attention by visiting them one by one. Maybe there are products that have not been marketed by these stores. To start a business, you can start selling goods or products that have not been marketed around the neighborhood. Or, you can also open a similar business by offering several different things from other sellers.

Shopping center

Go to several shopping centers to see the activities of people while shopping and goods sold there. You will surely find lots of business inspiration. If you like the culinary world, look at the existing cafes and restaurants, and shops that sell food ingredients. If you like fashion, look at clothing stores there. You will surely find interesting new things for your business.

School environment

Everything that is important for children is definitely worth the money. If you are a parent, you will certainly try to meet their needs. Likewise with other parents. If you have not found an interesting business idea, try to pay attention to the activities of children in the school environment. This could be an opportunity for those of you who want to market services or products for children.

Tourist attraction

Try a walk to the tourist attractions in your city. Relax for a while looking at the activities of people who are on vacation there. When you are relaxed, your mind will be more open. Ideas that have not been thought of before can appear suddenly. Often, inspiration can flow just like that when the brain isn’t too active thinking hard.

Business community

A business community is definitely the right place to find business ideas. Try joining the business community in your city. Being with people who like and live the business world will bring a positive impact to find a new business idea. You can exchange ideas and get new ideas from fellow community members. You can also find the right prospective business partners to support your ideas in the future through the business community.


Now is the age of technology. You can use the Internet to get various information about businesses. You can open social media , visit various business media and e-commerce websites to learn about the business world today. You can also join business groups or business enthusiasts on the internet that will make it easier for you to exchange ideas and find the right business ideas to pursue.

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