The “sip and see”, a new way to meet baby


The sip and see: a new trend, a passing fad or the first steps of a tradition that will be part of our customs?

No matter, this post-natal feast has the wind in the sails. Explanations on the phenomenon.

It would be to the Europeans that we owe the most fashionable feast of the moment to new parents, the sip and see. Preferred by many to the conventional baby shower, it allows to celebrate the arrival of the newborn and present to the entourage, while sipping a small glass of bubbles.

Exit the endless individual visits! Two to six weeks after giving birth, everyone gets home at the same time. More inclusive than the shower, and mostly reserved for women, the feast of sip and see brings friends and family together. From simple to extravagant, the event has limits only the imagination and wishes of new parents.

The pros and the cons
Do not force guests to present gifts by hand, some are of the opinion that this holiday is less mercantile than the baby shower. On the other hand, others see it as an episode of intense stress for the newborn and disapprove of the alcohol consumption associated with the birth. Many are also concerned about breastfeeding mothers who would be tempted to drink at the same time.

Is alcohol obliged?
Although the concept is directly related to the consumption of a small glass of wine or sparkling wine, nothing prevents mothers from opting for non-alcoholic cocktails, juices or smoothies. What is important to remember is that the “sip” portion serves as a pretext to emphasize a birth and to welcome the child into his community.

The duty of the guests
Generally, it is a friend and / or dad who organize the party. Why? So as not to exhaust Mummy who is probably (already) in a sleep deficit and who has just (almost) to give birth. The guests also have some responsibility. If they find that the new mom is about to collapse under fatigue or that baby is struggling with arm changes, they should notice the signs and know how to bow at the right time.

Finally, sip and see is not just for births. We can decide to organize one to present photos of travel, a new painting or anything new that we would like to show to relatives.

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