Travel Tips For Visiting The Amazon Rain Forest In Peru

Those having Amazon trip in mind may not be completely aware regarding the various options which exist in this regard.

Despite the fact that approximately two-thirds of it is located within Brazil, there are also parts of it within Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela, Nearly 66% of Amazon rests inside the beautiful country of Brazil and the remaining parts of the river are spread across various South American countries such as French Guyana, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela etc.

Although less portion of Amazon is located in these other territories, they still offer several options to view the diverse flora and fauna that can be found in the world’s greatest rainforest. Of these countries, Peru is renowned for its enormous travel industry, high quality accommodation facilities and awesome tourist attractions. Peru is also an awesome country to visit the Amazon as it has several suitable access points which are fairly close to the other popular travel attractions.

There are three main destinations in the Amazon that are normally part of a tour of Peru. The 2 that are probably peru jungle tours  most easily combined with other destinations are the Manu National Park and Tambopata National Reserve. These two can be simply combined with a visit to Cusco, the city that many tourists will visit in Peru when they make their way to and from Machu Picchu.

Another point of access is Iquitos located in the north of the country where you will find the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Manu, in particular, is regarded as one of the parts of Amazon that is most untouched. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, You may possibly see monkeys, spectacled bears, tapirs, caimans, giant otters and also, more rarely, jaguars.

Innumerable bird species are to be found in these jungles. Even in Tambopata there’s no scarcity of animals but Manu has been largely travelled to and that’s why it may be a touch easier to observe the natural attractions. Anyway, the general guideline is that extended tours will allow you to get deeper inside the forest and, therefore, enable you to explore more.

An advantage presented by Tambopata is that you have the convenience of commercial flights which can be taken from Cusco for directly reaching Puerto Maldonado which is the departure point. The flights are also offered to Iquitos however they leave from Lima.

Therefore, you’ll have to connect from Lima to go on to Cusco or maybe you’re heading there after visiting the colonial city. In the northern part of the Amazon Jungle, along with the same species you can view on other spots of the Peruvian Amazon, you can also view manatees, giant turtles as well as pink dolphins.

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